Hello Friends and Hooligans, Welcome to turps!

As you may or may not be aware, on the 29th of March 2012 at 7pm we are exhibiting work from several turps artists at The Pure Gallery in Whitley Bay. SO why not come down and see what's happening AND drink free booze, it should be an absolute treat. ok.

PS feel free to bring your own booze incase we run out, we have invited a few people with problems in that department. see ya..


NEWCASTLE: Tyne Bar, Free Trade, Cluny, Cumberland, Tanners, Star and Shadow, Head of Steam, Tillys, Settle Down Cafe, Flip, Beat Down Records, Trent, Bar Kolo, Steel Wheels, Northumberland Arms, Alula Cafe, Culture Lab, Travelling Man, The Fourth, Town Wall, Northumbria Uni: Squires, Kings Manor
HEATON: Chillingham Arms, Heaton Perk, Jack Sprats, Butterfly Cabinet, Arthur T Sharps
LEEDS: Crash Records, Travelling Man, Brudnell

Thanks, bye, Turps x



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